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“One of the most versatile musicians on the UK scene right now”- Metal Injection

“Intense and intelligent…exceptional vocals…a huge talent” – Hit The Floor

“Karnivool meets John Mayer and Jeff Buckley” – Already Heard

“An insanely talented multi-instrumentalist” – Leon TK


 A perfect marriage of vivid and pop-inspired hooks, progressive composition, and modern technicality, Maxi Curnow’s new EP hits hard and immediately captivates, embracing everything from sweeping cinematics to planet-shaking carnage.

Crafted with Producer George Lever (Loathe, Sleep Token),

Maxi's new music delivers a consistent string of melodic earworms, nailgun riffs, and impassioned vocals that beckon the listener into a state of total immersion. 


"Billed as cultured and cultivated, a blend of progressive rock, soulful guitar work with groove rock and jazz-inflected ballads, the interest is piqued. 

It’s a more contemporary version of prog, with Karnivool producer Forrester Savell and Acle Kahney (TesseracT mix whizz) twiddling the knobs to add their prog colouring." - Mike Ainscoe

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